GOTS-certified organic cotton

‘Babies, breastfeeding & chemicals’ is not an ideal combo, which is why each and every With Milk piece is made by our good friends in India using high quality GOTS-certified organic cotton. 

Grown and processed without the harmful chemicals (insecticides, pesticides & synthetic fertilisers) found in conventional cotton, organic cotton uses less water and energy, and it enables farmers to grow other crops for food and income. Plus it feels amazing on your skin!

GOTS Certified With Milk Breastfeeding Nursing Essentials  

How can you be sure our claims are legit? 

GOTS is internationally recognised as the toughest organic standard because it goes far beyond verifying organic fibres - it also covers the entire textile supply chain, from the processing of raw materials, right through to manufacturing, distribution, packaging and labelling. 

Every garment that carries the GOTS label must meet strict environmental and social criteria, which means it’s been processed with the least possible environmental impact & with respect for employees and their working conditions.

Super soft, super sustainable. With Milk is made of the good stuff.


Doing our part 

Our sustainability journey is always evolving, but we try to do our bit where we can. We use recycled paper swing tags & recycled cotton clothing labels, and instead of using individual plastic bags, we package every With Milk item using FSC-certified, acid free tissue & stickers that have been custom printed with soy-based ink. This process takes a little longer, but we think it’s worth it (and we hope you do too).

With Milk Sustainable packaging

It’s cool to be kind - so why not be kinder to our skin, our environment and our fellow humans?